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northern lights

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Playing games on computer


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When I learnt to use the computer, the first thing that I was attracted to was the number of games available.  It was very interesting. The problem was how to play.I started clicking on  various buttons, but could not even reach the 'start'. I found a game called 'Croc'. It was a game meant for small children.I enjoyed playing it.One day I chanced to see a game,'free cell', on which a picture of a king could be seen.I remember, I just clicked on the head of the king and its head went round and round. I was amused and wondered how to play the game.One day a friend came home. She demonstrated how to play the game.That was a  lucky day for me. I was all the time playing 'Free Cell.'Now also sometimes I play the game and greatly enjoy it.
                                    After I joined Face book, I was fairly familiar with some more games.  Through Facebook, I became familiar with Scrabble.There was no looking back. I became an addict. Even at midnight I used to get up and played the game against unknown opponents. Slowly I made many friends. I chatted with most of them.This game became a craze for me.
I looked forward to chatting with friends. I still play this game with friends.
                                       Some of  Mind Jolt Games are really true to their name. They are quite taxing but very interesting. The game'Beleagured Aces' is quite tough.I am very fond of this game and must play it for two to three hours daily.
                             Recently I have started playing  the game, 'playing Words with friends'. This game is somewhat similar to Scrabble. Some of the Facebooks friends have become buddies in 'Words. There are many other games like Solitaire, Open Crescent Solitaire, Word Drop and Airport,which I find interesting. 
         Playing games is a very good diversion.Reading and writing 'blogs' sometime becomes taxing for the mind.  Do you like to play games online? Which games do you enjoy playing?

Written for 'BAR', week 11th to 17th January2015.
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  1. I hardly play games Usha ji...My husband does thought and he stays glued to it for hours!

  2. We share a similar story. FreeCell was the first game that I played on a computer. Even I was addicted to it badly, so much so that, if I was not able to complete a game successfully, I would write its game number on a note-pad and re-play it after some time, till I got it right! Then, I started playing Mahajong. And then FarmVille on Facebook made me totally hooked to it! Played it non-stop, day-night for 3 years! Now-a-days, I download some word games or puzzles on phone, play them for a while and delete them.

  3. I don't play a lot of online games, though I used to have several Words With Friends going on at one time. It can be a lot of fun!

  4. I love playing Scrabble! Can we start a game, Ushaji? :-)

  5. I must admit I don't play games online. I figure I'm addicted enough to Facebook, email and the Internet as it is. Glad you enjoy them and find them fun and challenging. I have tried Scrabble and it was lots of fun. Still, I need to reduce my online time and that's not going to help!

  6. I used to play the board game Scrabble; however, I am not one for playing games on line for various reasons. One I think the internet including social media and games can be addictive. ;) <3